A Stunningly Beautiful Cat

Calico cat art
"Princess" Digital Art by BZTAT

Stunning. Beautiful. What else can you say when you are so struck by the beauty of an animal?

Princess is a young cat, and believe it or not, she, and her kittens, need homes.

Rescued from a feral cat colony, she had a litter of kittens about 10 months ago. She has since been spayed. My friend has been keeping her and 9 other cats in a wood shop and trying to find them homes. I have decided to help her.

If you are interested in Princess and are in the Stark – Tuscarawas County area, let me know. I can arrange it so that you may be able to have this stunning beauty living in your home. We also have 10 month old kittens (not really kittens anymore) that include: grays, ginger and white tabbies, gray tabbies, a tan tabby, solid blacks, black and whites, torties, and another calico that looks just like Princess.

I will also be helping out with the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) of a feral cat colony that lives outside the wood shop. In order to keep the colony from growing, we plan to trap the cats and have them spay/neutered, then return them to their habitat.

I am planning to chronicle my first TNR rescue effort in art – Expect to see many drawings of these stunning cats in the coming days! I will auction the drawings in order to maintain some income for myself while I endeavor in the volunteer rescue.

The rescue effort entails costs for the spay/neuter and transportation costs. Please consider donating to the effort to ensure that these animals get their needs met. You can donate thru the ChipIn in the sidebar. Thanks so much for your help!

Stay tuned and be watching for some new drawings and auctions soon!