Welcome to BZTAT.COM!!!

Artwork by BZTAT
Artwork by BZTAT

Welcome to BZTAT.COM, the new home for artwork by BZTAT! Today is the launch of a new website and a new era for BZTAT’s online presence.

In the past, my artwork could be seen at one website and my blog at another. As time evolved, however, it became cumbersome to have my online activity in two different  places.

I decided that it was time to change things.

It was a big job, but I am really proud of the result!

Now my blog and my artwork can be seen in the same place, and the opportunities for updating information rapidly are much more accommodating.

Everything that you want to know or see about artwork by BZTAT can be found right here!

Thanks to my great friend Liz Hover for helping me design and develop this site into something really special! We are still working out a few bugs, so bear with us. We felt that it was time to go live now, even if a few issues still need to be resolved.

I hope that you will enjoy looking through the galleries and checking out old blog posts that have been imported from my old blog “The Buzz from BZTAT!” Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

If you ever wondered about how I got the name BZTAT, you can read about it here. The name is in homage to the black and white cat whose picture is featured in this post.

This website is dedicated to the original “Beezie” who was the greatest artistic inspiration of my life, and whose spirit remains a part of my soul.

I still miss ya, old girl. Save me a good spot at the Bridge.

Life is an Adventure!